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Listed below you will find a Wonderful Collection of Websites & Links to Organizations, People and More!  Let me know how the information below has helped You!

Ann Dandridge, Creator of PPAF



1) A "new" way to Fund your Projects


How to Raise Money with GoFundMe

GoFundMe's Headquarters in California  

Website  http://www.gofundme.com/?pc=fbg 

FACEBOOK  https://www.facebook.com/gofundme

PO BOX 711798 San Diego, CA 92171  Email  support@gofundme.com





Click here: www.kickstarter.com/

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php#!/Kickstarter?sk=info 


1b)  Indiegogo

Click here:  http://www.indiegogo.com/learn-how-to-raise-money-for-a-campaign



Photobucket, a collection of Photos, Videos, Graphics to Help make your PPAF Pages & Websites Beautiful

Click here:  www.photobucket.com



NNDB tracks the activities of Noteworthy People Click here:  www.nndb.com



I Can Stalk U Click here: www.ICanStalkU.com



The BIBLE Click here: www.bible.com , www.biblegateway.com

The BIBLE (on One Page)

Click here: www.jrsbible.info/bible.htm ,


Good News BIBLE (Proverbs 1)

Click here:  www.biblestudytools.com/gnt/proverbs/1.html 

and www.watchtower.org , www.jw-media.org, www.jw.org



Directory Click here: www.USDirectory.com and www.WhitePages.com





Powerful People and Friends

A fine collection of Organizations, Magazines, People and More who Help Improve the Quality of Life for ALL!

Click here:  https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/profile/2o2aw4m7mjgyh



www.ChildrenOfTheNight.org/wow.html       www.Bio.com

www.furnitureFix.com                                     www.Stamps.com/tv

www.FireBurnDoctor.com                              www.Kidde.com

www.PocketChair.com                                   www.CancerCenter.com

www.kvie.org                                                    www.MichaelBoltonCharities.com

www.sizestofit.com                                         www.1stDogs.com

www.Gazelle.com                                            www.BeenVerified.com

www.ClearChoice.com                                   www.ThinkAboutYourEyes.com

www.AutoAccident.com                                www.AngiesList.com

www.GetWorkBrite.com                                 www.SafeLite.com

www.findagrave.com/php/famous.php         www.CASafeHomes.org

www.elvisimperials.com                                www.HeadandNeck.org

www.CrossonBrothers.com                           www.AMW.com

www.LAFD.com                                               www.LAPD.com

www.Fetzer.com                                             www.USPS.com

www.RobertSylk.com                                     www.JoelDiamond.com

www.CraigsList.com                                       www.SnapOnSmile.com

www.shoedazzle.com/about_us                   www.DrugFree.org

www.RustGuy.com                                         www.Transitions.com

www.SuperFocus.com                                   www.Lawyers.com                                 

www.TheDoctorsTV.com                              www.Badamitv.com

www.DoctorOz.com                                       www.WebMD.com                                       

www.ShirleyDVD.com                                    www.SeacretSpa.com

www.TheFutureOfTV.org                              www.YogiCameron.com

www.FoodSafety.gov                                     www.MaxMySpeed.com

www.GoToMeeting.com                                www.MyBeefCheckOff.com 

www.GermanShepardWatchdogs.com       www.LetsFixDinner.com

www.RescueAnimalsNow.org                      www.TheMoreYouKnow.com

www.TheGroceryGame.com                        www.CouponMom.com

www.DebtProofLiving.com                           www.es.tv

www.WanTickets.com                                   www.MyCleanPC.com

www.TryNeat.com                                         www.BankRate.com

www.Goutinfo.com                                        www.ChefBasket.com

www.ShamWow.com                                     www.Care.com

www.ShoeDazzle.com                                   www.JustFab.com

www.DentalPlans.com                                  www.WesternDental.com

www.Grainger.com                                        www.GlobalIndustrial.com

www.Michaels.com                                        www.SaveWaterToday.org

www.TrySolaTube.com                                 www.FrogTape.com

www.FranTarkenton.com                             www.KBB.com   

www.Uhaul.com/Dealer                                www.BookTV.org

www.ComedyMeltdown.com                       www.QVC.com                      

www.CrookandChase.com                           www.CBP.com

www.FranklinTheatre.com                          www.PBS.org

www.artsusa.org/events/                             www.ShopPBS.org

www.MusicSpace.com                                www.JaleelWhite.com

www.MyWardrobe.com                               www.ChrisTucker.com

www.CNNHeroes.com                                 www.TheTalk.com

www.rhythm-n-blues.org/                            www.lawim.com

www.WebMD.com                                        www.SandraBernhard.com

www.TireRock.com                                     www.GameFly.com

www.GetFlexSeal.com                                www.OCC.gov 

www.CureAngelman.org                            www.SupportWWP.org













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7758 Balboa Blvd., Suite A  Van Nuys, CA 91406
Click here  https://www.facebook.com/hollywoodbookandposter/info/?tab=overview

Larry Edmunds Bookshop  323. 463. 3273

6644 Hollywood Blvd  Los Angeles CA  90028  Click here  http://larryedmunds.com/
Comment by Ann Dandridge Public Relations on April 8, 2014 at 3:02am

Click here  http://candisbest.com/

Today’s #RMGProfile: Robert L. Johnson started from humble beginnings to use his business savvy and education to make history by breaking new ground for African-Americans. He was the creator of Black Entertainment Television, the first cable network to provide solely black programming. In 1991, BET became the first black-controlled company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. After selling BET t...o Viacom in 2000, Johnson became the first African-American billionaire. Two years later, on December 18, 2002, a group led by Johnson was awarded the Charlotte Bobcats NBA franchise, allowing him to become the first majority African American owner in U.S. major professional sports. The rapper Nelly and previous RMGProfile Michael Jordan are notable co-owners. Johnson continues to be involved in several business ventures through the RLJ Companies. Pretty remarkable wouldn’t you say? Johnson graduated from the University of Illinois in 1964 with a bachelor's degree in social studies. While at the University of Illinois, Johnson pledge the Beta chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. He then earned a master's degree in International Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.

Click here  http://www.rljcompanies.com/phpages/management/robert-johnson/

Comment by Ann Dandridge Public Relations on March 28, 2014 at 7:26am

North Sea Jazz 2012 - Interview Betty Wright

Betty Wright   www.twitter.com/MsBettyWright

Click here https://www.giveback.org/pages/bettywright/bettywright.aspx

R&B Legend Betty Wright S-Curve

Betty Wright is encouraging you to start your own foundation with GiveBack and help end domestic violence.

Ms. B will choose 25 fans that sign up for GiveBack to receive a personalized autographed CD.

An additional 20 winners will be chosen to receive $10 added to their foundation to donate to the charity of their choice.

Clean Up Woman - Betty Wright (1971)

Comment by Ann Dandridge Public Relations on March 11, 2014 at 12:00am

An Interview with Guitarist and songwriter Ray Parker, Jr

Ray Parker Jr. 

Ray Parker Jr Walk of Fame Ceremony Click below to WATCH

Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio - A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You

(818) 836-0943 or (818) 225-2412

Comment by Ann Dandridge Public Relations on February 23, 2014 at 2:00pm

Black Women Empowered Inc. is an organization that is committed to helping women start businesses, grow businesses and connect them with resources.

Black Women Empowered  336-541-6509

Click here  www.blackwomenempoweredjournal.com

MORE info about Dorothy Dandridge  Click here  http://j.mp/oKlTWG

Click here https://www.facebook.com/BrownGirlCollective/photos_stream

Comment by Ann Dandridge Public Relations on January 13, 2014 at 5:33pm

Human trafficking is a form of slavery in which men, women and children are forced into sexual exploitation. Next to drug trafficking, it is the second largest criminal industry in the world.

Types of slavery

Many victims of human trafficking have been also enslaved into forced labor, such as harvesting tomatoes in Florida or picking strawberries in California. The enslavery includes prostitution, pornography and sex tourism which has been known to occur in cities like Toledo, Atlanta, Wichita, and Los Angeles. Others work in migrant farming, hotel and restaurant work, and nail salons.

How to recognize victims of human trafficking

While people who are poor, uneducated, and members of underrepresented groups are most vulnerable to human trafficking, victims also include people from middle-class families and people with college degrees. Victims can sometimes be identified as children who are malnourished, or living with many people in small living quarters who may not be attending school regularly. Psychological signs can include anxiety disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder, phobias, panic attacks and depression.

If you or anyone you know may be a victim of human trafficking, call the Trafficking Information and Referral Hotline at 888-373-7888.

For more information, visit www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/endtrafficking

Comment by Ann Dandridge Public Relations on December 10, 2013 at 11:57am

Founded in 1905, the Woman’s Club of Hollywood, CA is a philanthropic, charitable and social organization serving the Hollywood community. Their famous La Brea Avenue property was originally the Hollywood School for Girls where Jean Harlow, Carol Lombard, Douglas Fairbanks and other Golden Age of Hollywood stars attended. It is available for filming, parking, conferences and other events. The Woman’s Club of Hollywood hosts luncheons, classes, lectures and other membership and public events. Under court appointed new management.

http://wchollywood.org/ - under construction

Rosemary Lord
Historian / Coordinating Director

Comment by Ann Dandridge Public Relations on November 19, 2013 at 2:55pm

Dr. Kristi Funk

Breast Cancer Surgeon, Founder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center, Mother of Triplets

Pink Lotus Breast Center       310 . 273. 8002

120 S. Spalding Drive Suite 205, Beverly Hills, California 90212 

Click here


Comment by Ann Dandridge Public Relations on October 24, 2013 at 1:04pm

Richard Lawson Studios  818. 793. 8767

Website http://www.richardlawson.net
Comment by Ann Dandridge Public Relations on October 23, 2013 at 10:30pm


Chambers Shoe Repair on Slauson  323. 295. 5052

3923 Slauson Blvd   Los Angeles, California 90043



GORDON PARKS Celebrating 100 years of his Life!


 Click here  https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/forum/topics/gordon-parks-legendary-american-photographer-musician-writer-and-


Martha Washington

Martha Washington aka Martha Dandridge READ about her Black Sister Ann Dandridge

Click here  http://j.mp/MqTr7C



The Brent Shapiro Foundation

Click here:  https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-brent-shapiro-foundation

.. Ann Dandridge "remembers" Dorothy Dandridge

Ann Dandridge

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PRINCESS Angela of Liechtenstein

Click here  http://j.mp/11UDSWK

(my client) Mark Bego

Click here: https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/profiles/blogs/whitney-...

Whitney Houston!: The Spectacular Rise and Tragic Fall of the Woman Whose Voice Inspired a Generation


I'm Searching for "Special" Individuals, Groups & Organizations to JOIN Us here at PPAF! MANY may "not" know my Purpose for Starting our PPAF Network. I'm Gathering EVERYONE Together who Helps to Improve the Quality of Life for Others! If you know of these People INVITE them to Join Us! Enjoy the information below!




Click here: https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-amazing-dolly-parton





WHITNEY HOUSTON - Yes JESUS Love Me (and You!)

More Great VIDEOS
Click here:  http://j.mp/rN8hpx


Attention ALL PPAF Members! I Pray to JEHOVAH GOD for all of You to become Excellent at Making Money

(Tools) and Helping to Improve the Quality of Life for Others in JESUS' Name!

 Image result for dr jerry buss
More about DR. JERRY BUSS  Click here  https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/profiles/blogs/dr-jerry-buss-owner-of-the-los-angeles-lakers



WHO Do You ADMIRE? Sometimes it's disturbing to see who People Admire and/or why they Admire Them. I admire EVERYONE who Loves their Neighbor as much as they Admire/Love Themselves! I admire PEOPLE who Respect Themselves & also Show Respect & Courtesy to OTHERS! Ann Dandridge



CHER - Children of the Night PSA

For MORE INFO Click here:  https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/profiles/blogs/dr-lois-lee-founder-president-



"WOW" - Children of the Night With Out Walls

Click here:

24 hour hotline and Shelter Intake
1 800 551 1300 x 0

Dr. Lois Lee – Founder & President x 125
Program Start-Up, Program Development, Fundraising, Legal Assistance and In-kind contributions

Our PPAF Resource Information Page Click here: https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/profiles/blogs/ppaf-resource-information-page




Join ME on TWITTER! Go to:




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Leila Lopes from Angola - Miss Universe 2011

Click here:  https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/profiles/blogs/pageants-and-beauty-competitions?id=2347143%3ABlogPost%3A91211&page=1#comments



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Welcome to Powerful People and Friends!




..Ann Dandridge "remembers" Dorothy Dandridge
Ann Dandridge
Promote Your Page Too..

Kathys Comments

I'm ANN DANDRIDGE and I created this Wonderful Group for Everyone who's interested in Helping to Improve the Quality of Life for ALL! We're all Unique and different and I look forward to meeting People who are Not Conceited or Self-Centered. Loving Others as Much as You Love Yourself is More than Awesome! SHARING is Important & RARE!Kathys Comments

I'm interested in our site being filled with Wonderful People! If you know anyone who is interesting and unique be sure to invite them to become part of PPAF!







Actress-Model-Singer-Songwriter Couture Clothing Designer Fitness Consultant





Tell them Ann Dandridge sent You!

Dorothy Dandridge was born November 9, 1922, She is a Legendary Movie Star! EVERYONE is invited to Join Us here at PPAF by putting UP your own Page!
Click here:




Halle Berry





Halle Berry





Halle Berry




Halle (Oscar)




Tyra (Emmy)




Halle Berry





Click here: https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/video/heartbreak-hotel-whitney-houston-faith-evans-kelly-price


RUTA LEE Click here https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/profiles/blogs/my-dazzling-friend-ruta-lee



Ruta Lee











Click here:  https://anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com/profiles/blogs/donna-summer-the-queen-of-disco-a-breathtaking-beauty?id=2347143%3ABlogPost%3A107608&page=1#comments

























































































































































































































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