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What's Your Business or Goals?
Kingdom Business
How do you Plan to help Improve the Quality of Life for ALL
I am spreading the Gospel throughout all the nations for anyone who hears and receives the Father shall have everlasting life.
Why are you a Powerful Person or Friend?
I am a Powerful Person because I am the Son of God, My Father has told me that I have inherited the world. For what He has belongs to me. He owns it all as I do.
The Word of God says in Job 22:28 "Though shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto you" That is powerful...If you decree it and Believe it it shall be done. I believe His word and am about my fathers business.
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A Friend
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Fabiola Fenelon
To Elevate Gods Kingdom by enlightening, cultivating and calming the mind, body,soul and spirit of Christians through Prayer, Respect, Devotion, Authentic Service and the Educating of God's Word.

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Sowing and Reaping

Posted on August 7, 2009 at 10:49am 0 Comments

He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor.

2 Corinthians 9:9 NIV

It's one thing to give because it puts God on your side financially, but there's an even greater reason: "He has scattered abroad His gifts to the poor; His righteousness endures forever." At first glance you may think, "What's that got to do with anything?" A lot! God's committed to healing the hurts of our world; that's why He speaks of "gifts to the poor."

When we get involved with God through our… Continue

Word of the day

Posted on May 7, 2009 at 8:30pm 0 Comments

Study to [show yourself] approved unto God, a workman…

2 Timothy 2:15

Our bodies don't work too well without adequate exercise; neither do our minds! Ever go back upstairs to remind yourself of why you originally went downstairs? Are names, numbers and appointments you remembered effortlessly in the past becoming increasingly elusive? Do you sometimes wonder if you're 'losing it?' Doctors say that in most cases mindless hours in front of television, avoiding intellectual… Continue

Word of the day

Posted on May 5, 2009 at 8:05pm 0 Comments

A woman of Samaria came to draw water…

John 4:7 NKJV

John records, 'A woman of Samaria came to draw water.' After five failed marriages her trust levels are demolished and her self-worth is zero, so she approaches Jesus cautiously. Brick by brick He takes down the wall she's hiding behind. When He gets through, she leaves transformed. What a contrast: one chapter earlier, Nicodemus, a religious leader, came to Jesus by night, suggesting he didn't want to risk being seen with… Continue

As the spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him. 2 Corinthians 3:18 TLB Did you hear about the frog that fell into a big hole and couldn't get out? Several of his friends…

Posted on May 2, 2009 at 10:20am 0 Comments

As the spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him.

2 Corinthians 3:18 TLB

Did you hear about the frog that fell into a big hole and couldn't get out? Several of his friends tried to help but finally gave up. "Since you're going to be in there for a while" they said, "we'll go and get some food." But no sooner had they left than the frog came hopping up behind them. "We thought you couldn't get out" they exclaimed. "Oh, I couldn't," he replied,…

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At 3:19pm on October 15, 2011, Jay said…



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At 12:19pm on August 16, 2009, VieRa♥♥♥ said…

Author unknown

When I meditated on the word GUIDANCE, I kept seeing "dance" at the end of the word. I remember reading that doing God's will is a lot like dancing. When two people try to lead, nothing feels right. The movement doesn't flow with the music, and everything is quite uncomfortable and jerky. When one person realizes that, and lets the other lead, both bodies begin to flow with the music. One gives gentle cues, perhaps with a nudge to the back or by pressing lightly in one direction or another. It's as if two become one body, moving beautifully. The dance takes surrender, willingness, and
attentiveness from one person and gentle guidance and skill from the other.

My eyes drew back to the word GUIDANCE.

When I saw "G," I thought of God, followed by "u" and "i." "God, "u" and "i" dance. God, you, and I dance. As I lowered my head, I became willing to trust that I would get guidance about my life. Once again, I became willing to let God lead.

My prayer for you today is that God's blessings and mercies be upon you on this day and everyday. May you abide in God as God abides in you. Dance together with God, trusting God to lead and to guide you through each season of your life. This prayer is powerful and there is nothing attached. If God has done anything for you in your life, please share this message with someone else, for prayer is one of the best gifts we can receive. There is no cost but a lot of rewards; so let's continue to pray for one another.

At 9:19am on August 16, 2009, VICKIE ANDERSON said…
At 8:22am on August 16, 2009, Otto Spruill said…
At 6:33am on August 16, 2009, Jay said…
At 12:01pm on July 24, 2009, Stacey said…
May Your Weekend Be Filled with the Brilliant & Beautiful Colors Of Life. Blessings & Light, Stacey

“In order to have friendship you must look past the color to the soul, because within the soul lies a rainbow of many colors.”
~By Unknown Source~
At 1:57pm on June 26, 2009, RICHARD NGUYEN said…

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Best Wishes to All.







At 8:16pm on June 5, 2009, geecheemag said…
Thanks for the add. I welcome your friendship and share your commitment for getting out the word of God. Keep in touch. Let's see where destiny takes us. Peace be with you.
At 8:29am on May 27, 2009, SMR Media Productions said…
At 8:03pm on May 26, 2009, SMR Media Productions said…
God bless you man of God. I apologize for not responding before now. I was working on my trailer called The Many Faces of Domestic Violence-Love Doesn't Hurt. I am also working on the documentary.



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