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Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein and Princess Angela of Liechtenstein

palace of liechtenstein 

The ruling family of Liechtenstein, a small country hidden away in the alpine of Europe, are a rather unique ruling family in that they added a pop of color to their royal family lineup. In January of 2000, crown Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein married his wife Angela Gisela Brown, making it the first in European Monarchy/Dynasty history.

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Black Women: Your PRINCE Will Come

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Princess Angela of Liechtenstein (3 February 1958) is the wife of Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein. Princess Angela and her son, Prince Alfons (b. London, 18 May 2001), are the highest ranked black members of a reigning European dynasty


Early life

Princess Angela was born in Bocas del Toro, Panama as Angela Gisela Brown, the daughter of Javier Francisco Brown and Silvia Maritza Burke. She is of Afro-Panamanian descent. After having finished primary school and high school in New York, Brown studied fashion at Parsons The New School for Design, where she was awarded the Oscar de la Renta Gold Thimble Award. She worked for a fashion designer in New York and started her own label (A. Brown), but sold her practice after three years. She then worked for Adrienne Vittadini, an U.S. fashion designer, where she was a fashion director until September 1999.



On 29 January 2000, at 11:00 am, she married Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein at the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer in New York City. The couple met a few years earlier in New York at a reception and became friends. The bride wore a white dress that she designed. The same Kinsky tiara that Princess Tatjana wore when she married Philipp von Lattorff in June 1999, held her veil. Present were Reigning Prince Hans-Adam II and his wife Marie, Hereditary Prince Alois with his wife Sophie, Prince Constantin with his wife Marie and Princess Tatjana with her husband Philipp von Lattorff. The other guests were mostly family and friends of the couple.

Prince Maximilian and Princess Angela have one child:


Related image

Prince Maximilian and Princess Angela have one child:

  • Prince Alfons Constantin Maria of Liechtenstein
  • (b. London, 18 May 2001).


Prince Maximillian of Liechtenstein, Prince Alfons, and Princess Angela.



We are pleased that you are interested in the Princely House. In addition to the historical and traditional background, you will find information on the Princely Companys and the Princely Art Collections as well as on other interesting topics.

Please note that not all texts are available in English.

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Here’s a list of Black Women and White Men interracial couples. 
Actress Brandee Tucker and husband actor Michael Steger
(90210 Star)
The couple met at the age of 12 and were married in 2008.
Image result for Gwen Adams & Antivirus Guru Peter Norton (married)Super model Naomi Campbell and Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin
now separated
They met in 2008.  This eco-friendly house on Cleopatra's Island in Turkey was a gift from Naomi Campbell's Russian billionaire boyfriend.
Kim Wayans and husband Kevin Knotts
The married couple are also Authors of “Amy Hodgepodge” – a fictional child book character of mixed ancestry.
All Mixed Up! (Amy Hodgepodge, No. 1)
Actress Tara Wilson and Actor Chris Noth
(Sex and the City & The Good Wife)
They have a baby boy together.
Mellody Hobson and (now Husband) George Lucas
(Star Wars Creator, Movie Director)
Image result for Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke
Actress Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke (singer)
The two met in high school and have been together ever since.
Now Divorced
Gelila Assefa and husband Wolfgang Puck (Celebrity Chef) & Owner of SPAGO's in Beverly Hills, CA
They tied the knot in 2007.
Model/actress "Iman" & husband David Bowe RIP
(singer and actor)
The two were married in 1990 and have one child together along with children from previous marriages.
Grace Hightower and husband Actor Robert DeNiro
The two were married in 1997.  Hightower filed for divorce in 1999 but never followed through with it.
Image result for Model Keisha and actor Justin Chambers (married) and children 2016
Image result for Model Keisha and actor Justin Chambers (married)
Model Keisha and actor Justin Chambers (married)
The lovely couple have 5 children together.
Actress Alfre Woodard and husband Roderick Spencer (Writer)
They have two adopted children together.
Image result for Gwen Adams & Antivirus Guru Peter Norton (married) 
Actress Garcelle Beauvais and husband Mike Nilon
with their twin boys (now separated)
Image result for Gwen Adams & Antivirus Guru Peter Norton
Gwen Adams & Antivirus Guru Peter Norton (married)
Tennis sensation Venus Williams and boyfriend Hank Kuehne
(golf pro)
Chaz and Film Critic Robert Ebert (married)
Model Denise Vasi and boyfriend Noah Tepperberg
Image result for Tanya and Actor Ivan Sergei (married)
Tanya and Actor Ivan Sergei (married)
The couple were married in 2003.
Image result for Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto
Michael Jordan and Yvette Pietro

Bruce Sudano (Donna Summer's husband of 30+ years)

More info Click here   http://j.mp/LiRTtV



Harry Belafonte & Julie Robinson ~ 50 years


leslie uggams and husband

Leslie Uggams & Grahame Pratt ~ 51 years

 Image result for sidney poitier and joanna shimkus photos

Joanna Shimkus & Sidney Poitier ~ 36 years


James Earl Jones and Cecilia Hart2

Cecilia Hart RIP & James Earl Jones ~ 34 years

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach ~ 26 years

Tina Turner - Private Dancer

Mrs. Peter Finch accepts ACADEMY Award for her Husband 1977

Peter Finch Wins Best Actor: 1977 Oscars

Image result for Peter Finch & Eletha Barrett

Peter Finch & Eletha Barrett (Wife)  View VIDEO Above


Mildred and Richard Loving

Sarah B. Weir, Yahoo! Blogger

When Mildred and Richard Loving married in Washington, D.C. in 1958, they didn't think they were breaking the law. Both were from the small town of Central Point, Virginia. Mildred was of African American and Native American descent and Richard was white.  They did know it was illegal for them to marry in their state-as well as 15 others--which is why they left to tie the knot. Within a month of returning home, police burst into their bedroom in the middle of the night and arrested them under the state's anti-miscegenation law. They were sentenced to a one-year in prison term that could be suspended if they left Virginia.

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Former Mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley and reported girlfriend, Dr. Adele Joy Cobbs.

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Eartha Kitt and husband John McDonald

Click here  http://www.nndb.com/people/107/000023038/ 

Eartha Kitt's Daughter (Kitt Shapiro) and Grandchildren



William Cohen, former Secretary of Defense and Janet Langhart.  On February 14, 1996, Langhart married United States Senator William Cohen (R-Maine). She and Cohen first became mutual admirers in 1974
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Just Like Me Couples

Peter Norton and Gwen Adams

Peter Norton married Gwen Adams in May of 2007. Peter is the software publisher who produced Norton Utilities and Gwen is a financier. Peter was formerly married to Eileen Harris, and they had two children together.

Peter's Wiki

There is an interesting article about their house on Martha's Vineyard that includes some personal details.
Click here  http://justlikemecouples.blogspot.com/2009/03/peter-norton-and-gwen...
Famous actor Sir Michael Caine (England) has been married to his wife Shakira (Guyana) for 41 years!



THE SWIRL GIRL  Click here  http://theswirlworld.com/ 

The wedding of Jack McCain and Renee Swift

The wedding of Jack McCain and Renee Swift with Renee's new in laws Senator John and Mrs. McCain (no political statement is being made).  The statement I am making is ladies more and more BW are exercising their options in mates. ~all  Thanks Rachel Misere for the info, check out our timeline for the story.


John McCain’s Son Marries a Beautiful Black Woman

Although a number of Republicans are revered as racist bigots, surprisingly, they have a bit of diversity in their own family. Republican presidential candidate of 2008, John McCain, just celebrated an interracial union between his son Jack McCain, 27, and Renee Swift, 29.  McCain is a lieutenant in the Navy and serves as a helicopter pilot and is stationed in Guam. Swift is a captain in the USAF reserve. The lovebirds met in Guam.

McCain’s sister, Meghan McCain, 28, was filled with excitement (and alcohol) as she tweeted about her little brother’s wedding before, during, and after it was over. The wedding took place this past weekend at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, with the reception following at the California Academy of Sciences. Although the Washington Post reported that 2012 presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney attended Jack McCain’s wedding shower, it didn’t get more “star-studded” than that. Jack’s sister Meghan McCain wished a certain celebrity had been in attendance. “Loving all the wedding crashers jokes regarding my brothers wedding…but no, unfortunately I didn’t end up going home with Vince Vaughn,” she jested via Twitter on Sunday evening.

John Mccain

The newlyweds are planning to honeymoon in Africa, after which John McCain is slated for deployment. John McCain, his wife, and all of their children were in attendance.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Click here  http://naturallymoi.com/2013/06/news/john-mccains-son-marries-a-bea...

For our Scandal fans, Tom Verica, one of the Directors and Co-Executive Producers of SCANDAL, and his wife, Kira Arne. She is a Producer as well.


THE SWIRL GIRL  Click here  http://theswirlworld.com/ 


Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson  (Diana Ross' son)(Jessica Simpson's sister)
Image may contain: 2 people, hat and closeup
Jagger Snow Ross with Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Ross

So lucky! And so in love with my baby girl! Its my first Fathers Day and enjoyed every Moment!! Thank you @ashleesimpsonross for giving me this beautiful Baby Love.. Best Day ever Sunday June 19, 2016


Governor Pat Quinn & Monica L. Walker  (girlfriend)

 Crowns Governor Quinn And Monica L. Walker Empowering Girls
Image result for Pearl Bailey & husband jazz drummer Louis Bellson 
Pearl Bailey & husband jazz drummer Louis Bellson were married 38 years.

Image result for Mr. & Mrs. James Brown tomirae

Mr. & Mrs. James Brown (Tomirae)

Alfre (Woodard) & Roderick Spencer ~ 30 years

Tai Babilonia & David Brenner RIP (married)


Actress Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery met in a grocery store and got married in 2007

Gabriel Aubry              * Halle Berry           *  Olivier Martinez

 Related image

Olivier                      Halle Berry             Gabriel

MORE about HALLE BERRY  Click here  http://j.mp/uJPQaN

The couple were married June 22, 2013, at the Skywalker Ranch near San Francisco, Calif.



The couple were married June 22, 2013, at the Skywalker Ranch near San Francisco, Calif.

Everest Hobson Lucas, who was delivered by surrogate, is the first biological child for the 69-year-old Lucas, who has three adopted children: Jett, 20, Katie, 25, and Amanda, 32.

The newly arrived baby girl is the first child for Hobson, 44, who's President of $3 billion firm Ariel Investments and a contributor on “Good Morning America.”

Click here  http://forum.blackhairmedia.com/george-lucas-and-wife-welcome-baby-...

Mellody Hobson and (now Husband) George Lucas
(Star Wars Creator, Movie Director)
More info Click here  http://j.mp/16h6Ljp

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GORDON PARKS Celebrating 100 years of his Life!


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Martha Washington

Martha Washington aka Martha Dandridge READ about her Black Sister Ann Dandridge

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The Brent Shapiro Foundation

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PRINCESS Angela of Liechtenstein

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(my client) Mark Bego

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Whitney Houston!: The Spectacular Rise and Tragic Fall of the Woman Whose Voice Inspired a Generation


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Halle Berry





Halle Berry





Halle Berry




Halle (Oscar)




Tyra (Emmy)




Halle Berry





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