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The Lady Is A Leader-Even During Emotional Endurance

Here we are at the half point of 2011!  I feel as though I just packed away the Christmas decorations and placed away the holiday trimmings.  Wasn't it only yesterday I was singing, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"?

I knew I was home free, when the last holiday box was stored securely in the attic, the evergreen was sent to be recycled, and the last string of lights were tightly packed away.

I thought I had made it safely to home base, when all the holiday cookbooks were placed back in their rightful place of honor.  I was prepared to wave the victory flag, because there was no visible sign of Yuletide greetings to be found, not in my environment.

Unfortunately this half way mark in a calendar year, began to remind me of the emotional endurance, which is much-needed to began to plan all over again!

Emotionally, must I endure once again, taking out the ornament which has such an intense emotional attachment, that tears flow each time it is unwrapped from its precious tissue paper?

Emotionally,  am I prepared to endure the fragrances emanating from the fireplace and hear the crackling of the wood, as thoughts travel to days gone by?

Emotionally, do I have the strength to form the conversation which includes, greetings, great cheer and detailed oriented festivities?

I began to wonder, was I emotionally allowing myself the correct preparation strategy to endure, during what I considered really " a way of life".  My first assignment was to locate the definition of endurance.

(n)The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.     Merriam-Webster

Upon reading the definition, I felt relieved to understand that to endure, means the gravity of the process or situation is one which may or may not be favorable, yet with "power" I shall not give way.  I was excited and was preparing to determine the "correct preparation strategy",  because endurance had to mean there was something I needed to execute.

After re-reading  the definition a second time, for clarity I noticed that endurance is a noun.  Endurance is not what we do, it's who we are!  It's in the fabric of our lives, its in the core of our being, we are created to survive!

I never said we were created to do it alone, but the scripture reinforces our strength lies within the confidence of Jesus Christ.

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me"

Philippians 4:13

Going forth, I must determine that my intent is to emotionally prepare my spirit, mind and soul for the “true” meaning of the season.  By doing so, I will alleviate the thought that I am “enduring” or tolerating.  I am now embracing, and celebrating!

I am aware it’s a process, and since I’m six months into this year….I am believe if I place my trust in Him, as a Lady Leader… I shall do ALL things, with His strength!

Walking In Power,

Pastor BJ

Evangelist Denise Jackson-WOP Charter/Proofreader

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