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SHOWING UP and the POWER OF ASKING really does work!

SHOWING UP and the POWER of Asking really does work....

Yesterday I put together an event at the Hillside Mobil Home Senior Park Clubhouse in Sun City, CA called Salute to Senior Mothers as a way of recognizing Seniors, many of whom do not get recognized, even by their own families. This is also the park that I live in so I know most of the Seniors that attended.

Since I wanted to do the event as a FREE event that meant that there was no budget, so the only way it could happen was if I could find others who like me know that its not about US, but what we can do for others that is important in life.

So I put out an ASK to people I know come from heart who are also my friends to reach out for helpers, bakers, sandwich makers etc., and entertainers who would be willing to give of their time to SHOW UP and help, as I wanted the event to be FREE, and I wanted it to be elegant, and that it was.

Marie Piscatello who lives two hours from were the event was being held,and who owns an elegant catering business in the Gabriel Valley, volunteered to bring her elegant silk tablecloths, napkins, dishes, silverware, and fresh flowers, mints and other things for the tables. She and her brother Sal arrived early to set it up as if she was doing one of her elegant catered affairs, the tables and the serving tables looked unbelievable beautiful, that when the guests started arriving they could not believe the beauty of the room which was totally elegant. Marie in addition to the flowers for each table even brought fresh carnations so that each table setting had their own long stem flower, and as people left the event they had their beautiful flower as a reminder of the day.

Agnes Nazarino June and my friend from Murrieta who does balloon arrangements for events did some fantastic balloons for us to put near where the entertainers would be performing, and they were beautiful and added to the decor of the room.

Robert HOLLYWOOD who is a well know DJ and good friend of June and I gave of his time to do all the music and even sang a number for us. He had just been released from the Hospital a few days before with pneumonia , but because he said he would be there, he was.

Robert last year went to the hospital with Pneumonia and while there caught Mersa in the hospital and almost died, in fact they had to operate to scrape the Mersa off the places that it had infected. They told his parents he probably would die, but Robert is a determined man and knew that because of all the wonderful things he did for others that God still had a plan for him and he did survive .

Because his immune system is not that strong because of what happened before, he caught pneumonia again and called me from the hospital and said " I am in the hospital and I told you I would be there May 3rd and I know God will get me well so I can be there and he was. He had not sung since his first illness because of the damage the trachea did to his throat and vocal cords, but June and I asked him to sing. He told his story of going into the Hospital with pneumonia and getting Mersa and almost dying and said with the thing they put down his throat that damaged his vocal cords he did not know if he could sing again, but since June and I asked him he would try. (it's pretty sad when one goes to the hospital with an illness and catches something worse that can kill you).

He selected the song "Misty" and did it with out music backup since he did not know he was going to sing, and it was terrific and brought everyone to their feet. So he said "perhaps I can start singing again" and I said "see SHOWING UP does work now you know you can again put the singing back into your performing". He also did a line class teaching session which everyone loved.

Megan Clynes a fantastic 12 year old entertainer who has performed for the Glory of Christmas at the Crystal Cathedral, the storms baseball team and other locations across Southern CA., was one of our performers and she was great. Both of her grandparents live in the park so she had her mother and father, brother and both sets of grandparents that were taking photos like crazy and she was great. Her brother even had a great time learning how to Line Dance..

Melody Encheff also another great performer who I met with my work with the Career Builders at Crystal Cathedral. and ASKED if she would not only perform for this event, but the Spring Fling event I recently did and she said YES to both events. She did three numbers, two of which she originally wrote. She is currently producing a play she wrote and performs also all over Southern CA. She brought her mother and grandmother to the event.

Arthur Howard from Hemet brought his Saxophone and played us some great numbers, I met him one morning when I showed up at an event, and learned he was a Saxophone performer, so ASKED him if he would perform for me for this event I was doing, and he said he would be honored to do it. Arthur does much work in performing in the Church communities in Hemet, Sun City and surrounding areas,

See how easy this ASK works.

Kyle Shafiee who is an award winning concert pianist and who is currently attending USC on a full music scholarship played three numbers on the piano for us and the audience was in awe at what this young maestro can do with a keyboard. He is going to be the guest pianist on November 21st for the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Carlo Ponti who is Sophia Loren's son.

I had the opportunity a few years ago to ASK a friend of mine who was responsible to bring Carlo Ponti to San Bernardino as the musical conductor of the Symphony if she could arrange a meeting of Kyle with Carlo, which she did, He and his parents, plus my guest and I got invited to the last performance of the Symphony a few years ago and to the Champagne reception following the performance,. Kyle got to meet Carlo , have his photo taken with him, and when he told Carlo what he had achieved Carlo said to him "I am leaving for Italy tomorrow but when I return I would like to audition you for one of our performances in 2009", and Kyle was so excited. So when Carlo came back he did audition him , and instead of having him play the one number he asked him to play for the audition he asked him to play other composers as well, as he was so impressed how Kyle played. So the result is that Kyle was invited by Carlo because he is a great pianist to be the guest youth performer for the November 21st concert at the San Bernardino Symphony in San Bernardino, CA.

Kyle's mom Judy will be getting discounted tickets for the event, so if you would like to join us and wish him the best let me know. . I also think because it is the last performance of the year that they also have the champagne reception after. If you want to join us, email me at rmotter@aol.com with your contact information and I will give it to Judy to give you information on the discounted ticket prices , but I can tell you they will be affordable. Kyle is a young man we will be hearing a lot about.

The final entertainer for the day was FLEET Easton who is a well know performer in the Desert and originally from Florida. Fleet also played Peter Pan in the touring performance of that show all over the country, his credentials in the theatre, singing and dancing are unbelievable.

He got a little lost and it took him about three hours to get to the event, but because he said he would SHOW UP he did,. We all know that getting lost is not a fun thing, and can stress us out, but FLEET showed up in his white tux looking elegant and was ready to perform.

He did 6 numbers, each one more terrific than the one before, it was like watching a Broadway performance in New York. His last number brought the house to their feet as it was so terrific, and it was the only classical number he performed, One of the seniors I was sitting with had tears in her eyes when she heard him sing it, I am going to ask FLEET to record that number for me as it was spectacular as were the others, but this one was unbelievable.

FLEET is currently in production of a show Two Guys and A Girl "An Evening of Glitz and Glamour" This show will bring Las Vegas to the Desert , the event will take place Saturday May 23, 2009 from 7pm to 9:00 pm in the Marquis Room at Hotel ZOSO, 150 S Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA Call for reservations 321-243-7313 tickets are only $10.00. This will be one spectacular show. I and four of my friends already have tickets to attend as FLEETS guest. Don't miss this show, as it is affordable and I guarantee it will be terrific and you will be glad you SHOWED UP.

FLEET also performs every Sunday for Worldwide Ministries where Dr. Sharron Stroud a long time wonderful friend and fantastic person is the minister. Fleet has also performed at several of the Amazing Women's Day events. He loves giving back to make a difference, and told me the story lat night of a homeless woman he is going to get a Mothers Day card for an put some money in the card, FLEET also recently won the Desert Idol contest.

One of my dearest friends and business associate and NAFE/For You Director, June Davidson was the MC of the day and she was awesome, funny, and loved every minute of being there, she drove all the way from the Pasadena area to give of her time to do this.

So just by ASKING I was able to get all the volunteers to SHOW UP and even bake and make finger sandwiches, and the entertainers also donated their time to be at the event, perform and most of the performers did three numbers. FLEET who closed the show with 6 fantastic numbers completed the perfect day.

We had four other performers scheduled as well , one was ill , and one had to go out of town on a funeral, and the others got some performances that were paid, so could not be there, but all whom are friends told me to call them in the future whenever I needed any help. The entertainment had something for everyone and it was to me a perfect day not only for the Seniors but the volunteers as well.

What I learned was how many beautiful people there are out there willing to give of their time to touch lives and make a difference, and there are so many seniors that do get forgotten even though many have children.

I guess in today's busy world the children are in a survival mode that does not include visiting their mother or grandmother. I am a mother and I know how important my children and grandchildren mean to me and how sad I would be if I did not get the opportunity to see them when time permitted..

Others that responded to the ask were my NAFE, For You friends, Sheila Caruso, June Davidson, Fannie Green , Laura Jorge, Sue Lopez, Kathy Mautz, Pattie Myers, Agnes Nazarino, Jodi Palumbo, Marie Piscatello, Barbara Whorley, Judy a former member from SB, and Aggie Kobrin who is the Director of E Women Network in Orange County, as well as Park residents Cora Liem, Claudette Carignan, and Ann Walsh, these volunteers who responded to my ask came from LA County, Orange County, Beaumont, Riverside, Perris, Murrieta, and San Diego. Also loved the opportunity to meet the great daughters Natalie of member Jodi Palumbo and Megan the daughter of member Agnes Nazarino', and Sue Lopez's sister

Patti Myers who does reflexology, gave of her time to do hand reflexology massages to the seniors, I even saw the men sitting in line to get their turn as well, and all said how great it felt to get a little pampering. Patti drove all the way from Orange County to be here and touch lives.

How blessed I am to have all these great people in my life.

We also had some fantastic door prizes given to me by my new friend Liz Valencia who I met when I SHOWED UP at one of Aggie Kobrin's great events in San Diego, Liz is from Incentive Marketing, the gifts were: one was a cruise for two from Florida to the Caribbean and a fantastic SPA or Golf event that could be used at any of their 2000 locations and the last was dinner and a movie for two at a choice of numerous locations. Aggie's events are great as she always has some awesome people at them as she does some great events all over ,as her company is a top event planning company for conferences, and now even TV and movies. Many of our members already have been in the VOW Movie (Voices of Women) that is filming because of my recommendation, and I got the opportunity to share because of my friendship with Aggie.

Many of us baked and made the tea sandwiches. Remember I hardly cook anymore and yet. I even learned how to make some great tea sandwiches that people asked me for the recipe for, and I also got asked for my pineapple cake recipe, so you see when you step out and do something even you learn new things. WE all got it all together the day of the event, and then all cleaned it all up when it was over.

That saying of "Together we can do more" is so true. As together we put on a fantastic event that made so many people so happy.One women who is going to be 100 on July 30th kept telling all the volunteers "thank you thank you, oh how wonderful this all is". Many asked her what she was doing so that they too could look forward to their own 100 year celebrations.

Because of SHOWING UP and the POWER of ASKING, 125 senior citizens in Sun City, CA had the time of their lives from 1:00 PM to 6:30 PM on a Sunday afternoon and enjoyed fantastic tea sandwiches, desserts of all kinds and coffee and tea, and the most incredible entertainment all for FREE. They came dressed up in their finest and told me it was the most perfect day they had ever had for years.

So when you have a chance to SHOW UP, bake or entertain, I hope you will remember this story how because of the heart of these people who joined together, they made a perfect day for people that may not have had a nice upcoming Mothers Day.

So SHOW UP everywhere, your local chambers, your organizations and associations etc., and keep touching lives, and be sure and ASK for what it is you want and need as it does work.

Robbie Motter

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