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I am WarriorAngel HunterGoddess. It is the name my parents gave me and accurately reflective of what I’m sent to do. I am heir, bond servant and bride of Love and Truth. I am an ambassador sent to African America to arm and prepare those called as warriors to infiltrate, overtake and irrevocably upturn the tables of hate, divisiveness and fear in the temple of the American status quo.

I know Truth is absolute. Doubt it? Strike a match in a pitch room. Darkness must flee in the face of light and it may not return as long as the light endures. Like darkness confronted by light, fear and hate are annihilated by the antithetical two-edged sword of truth and love. There are swords enough for all willing to wield one, but be clear; this is a call to war. Allow me to draw your attention to my choice of words. I’ve no affinity for martyrdom and I’m not talking to you about a passive resistance, while we’re getting our heads beat in, kind of love.

The Bible tells of a man asking Jesus which commandments are the greatest. Jesus told him to love God with all his heart, mind and strength and love his neighbor as himself. Most of us, no matter our spiritual tradition, adhere, as best we can, to those words. We strive to perfect our love of Divinity and humanity, but both as individuals and communities we all too often forget the bridge. We forget to consciously and intentionally love ourselves.

African America we’ve spent the entirety of our generations in this country fighting against injustice and tyranny. In case you haven’t noticed, for the entirety of our generations in this country, we’ve been largely spinning our wheels. Sure the wrapping paper has gotten prettier, more elaborate over the years, but the contents remain a stinking, festering mass of disenfranchisement, divisiveness and vitriol. Bottom line – what we’ve been doing clearly ain’t working. Time for a new plan. And before you raise the Barrack Obama banner, take a moment to consider the 21 year old mentally ill African American man-child tasered to death by police in his own front yard, while his momma watched. Yes, he was unruly. The officers were informed by the family that the young man’s agitation was due to his failure to take his medication. Forearmed with this knowledge the officer involved elected to send paramedics away and end his life instead.
Ya’ll do know the definition of insanity is doing the same old thing repeatedly expecting different results?

Swords are multipurpose tools. The first thing I want you to do with yours, should you opt to step out and take one, is draw a proverbial line in the sand. Determine that “them” and “they” are completely immaterial unless and until they breach that line. Determine that a breach is cause for you to simply and without malice cut their head off. There is no need of warning; we’ve made our protests known long and loud. The time has past come for consistent application of that old adage, “Action speaks louder than word.”

This is a call to arms African America. I know can’t all ya’ll hear me, but then I’m only calling the warriors who can. When will we reclaim the authority and responsibility that is our legacy? Need I remind you the origin of all mankind is Africa? I say the time is now. I assert we possess the inherent power and wisdom to be the change we want to see, not the cliché, the manifestation. While its true history has acted upon African America with rare ruthlessness, we are only at the mercy of current circumstances to the extent we refuse to take sole responsibility for our own autonomy.

The Bible says, “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.” Now, I’m not talking about golden streets and pearl gates; I’m talking about taking it right here, right now, on terra firma. I have a violent commitment to integrity, excellence and service and a violent desire for everything Divinity promised as mine. What about you? Can we agree the path to social-political “freedom” in America is paved with green paper effigies? Then it follows that to attain such freedom we must attain and focus sufficient capital to control not just our personal circumstances but the land and commerce in our communities. The economy is sour and unemployment soars; many are flat back against the wall. Seems it can’t get much worse and personally, as necessity is the mother of invention and we are nothing if not an innovative people, I think we should be jumping and shouting for joy. Yeah, I’m a little bit crazy, but can you honestly think of a better environment for igniting and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit smoldering among us? How better to have your own than to have your own? America is in debt to the brow of her unseeing eye; if we don’t own our hoods, China will.

It’s a simple 2 step process ya’ll. First we create our own economy by building an army of entrepreneurs working together for the achievement of all’s success. (Don’t know where to start? Download my EBook Start Your Business Today Without One Thin Dime. Its FREE; a gift from me to you. Click Here) Then we make a personal and collective commitment to demonstrative Functional Unity. That means to the greatest degree possible we invest and spend both our time and money with-in our own socio-economic system. These 2 simple steps will rapidly afford African America the financial leverage to own our communities and their intrinsic resources.

The love of which I speak holds you and me solely accountable for our own success and growth. The love of which I speak doesn’t compete; it serves; it flows freely from the knowledge that we are only as strong as the weakest among us. A love that holds itself and its compadres to the apex of integrity and excellence; a love that unflinchingly and without hesitation defends those standards. I’m talking about a love that discerns life from death, a love with the wisdom to let the dead bury their own. I’m talking about a love that without judgment uplifts and empowers those who have fallen but would stand and walk again. I’m talking about a love that knows failure is not an option.

I am WarriorAngel HunterGoddess sent to turn over the tables of divisiveness, fear and hate in the temple of the American status quo. And this is a call to arms.

Thank you for investing time to read my work. I know you could have done something else and I’m appreciative. I write for you and I’d like to get to know you better. Please spend a moment more to complete my Getting to Know You survey. You are the hot fudge on my sundae. I love you deeply and am grateful for your support.


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