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Da plane boss, da plane. Do you remember that line from the opening of the old Fantasy Island TV show? Do you find yourself searching the sky? I do every time somebody claims we are living in post-racial America.

Let's take a reality break folks, Barrack in the White House not withstanding; this is still America the fractured, the unjust, the racist. But we've come so far; things are so much better. Better than what? It's kinda like saying we can't cure the cancer, but we can give you enough mind altering drugs to suppress your pain - you're gonna die, but you won't feel a thing.

Obama is the banner folks fly to illustrate the illusion of a healed America. Everybody was up in arms because the Prez said the Cambridge police acted "stupidly." Did you notice that nobody commented on what he said just previous to that remark? He said, "I mean if I was trying to jigger in to...well I guess this is my house now, so it probably wouldn't happen. But say my old house in Chicago...um here I'd get shot." Mr. President is keenly aware that if he were attempting to sneak into the house the American people bequeathed to him for the next four years...ya'll understand.

The day following Obama's provocative observation, the KKK and the New Black Panther Party were embroiled in conflict in Paris Texas. Why? A young African American man died in an automobile dragging incident. The accused, a young Caucasian man with a criminal record, was initially charged with murder, but the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. Many African Americans were outraged that this man should go free in this oft labeled "hate crime." Fact: These two young men were friends, so close that the deceased once perjured himself in attempt to prevent the accused from being incarcerated in an unrelated incident. Did the white man murder the black one? We'll never know; not enough evidence. Was there hate between them at the time of the black man's death? May-be; life happens even among friends. What we do know, should we chose to be honest, were it a hateful moment or not, the issue had nothing to do with skin color. A little farther south in Irving Texas, on the same afternoon, the city government was looking for ways to circumvent a court order to reframe their voting districts to equitably represent the city's large Hispanic population. Reverend Jeremiah Wright incited a fire storm by damning America the racist. I wondered then and I wonder now, why are we unable and unwilling to face the realities of the chasms still dividing us? Folks, we can't fix what we won't face. Truth? Truth? Could it be we can't handle the truth?

Hold up. Before you jump on this bandwagon, you better find out where it's going. Few white people are still openly racist; never mind it's not politically correct, the real is they don't have to be. We be hating ourselves with unparalleled expertise and venom. Today, just today, I've talked to no less than 3 African Americans who have "given up" on the community. Why? Well...one said because Black folks have a crab in a barrel mentality; always trying to pull each other down into the fire. Another said that if you can get more than 3 African Americans to work on any one project, you still can't get nothing done because they'll/we'll all be fighting over who's in charge, and I'm willing to bet most of you heard this at least one time this week- "I don't do business with Black folks cause they do shoddy work and always trying to beat somebody." I wonder if it ever occurs to these haters and naysayers that when you point a finger, four are pointing right back at you.

Consider that if you are or think you are in the position to pour salt on a brother or sister; it is likely you are more in need of straightening than the person you have your negative, counterproductive mouth on. If it is you have the talent, credentials, wherewithal to do it better, why aren't you? Does your position as the "overseer" build you up, push you a notch above? Remember many Africans in America suffered and continue to suffer more at the hands of the overseer than at the hands of the so called "White devil." Africans sold Africans into slavery and Africans in America are still selling each other down the river. Consider, if you're not part of the solution, you are the problem.

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Showdown in Cambridge
by Di'Aire White, Staff Writer

Do you remember the Matrix Trilogy? You know - the popular movies in the early '00's starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne? The trilogy is the brainchild of Andy and Larry Wachowski, two white gentlemen who were strongly influenced by books written by Dr. Cornel West, Philosophy Professor in Princeton's African American studies department. The Wachowski brothers admired him so much so; they actually cast Dr. West in a small but prominent role in the two succeeding sequels.

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How To Overcome Obstacles
by Herbert Harris, Contributing Editor

After you make your plans and start executing them, situations often develop which appear to be obstacles. When they appear, do not be discouraged or intimidated.
Don't let the appearance of an obstacle
create an atmosphere for failure.

When an obstacle appears, do not see it as an impediment to your progress. See it as a challenge to your resources. Convert stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

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