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Jane Fonda reveals her bipolar Mother had NINE abortions before she was born

  • The Hollywood icon, 76, made the heartbreaking revelation while reading her mother's medical records
  • 'The minute that I read that, everything fell into place... and I was able to forgive her and forgive myself,' she said


Jane Fonda has opened up about reading the medical records of her mother and discovering that she had nine abortions before Jane was even born.

In a speech at a fundraising event for a rape victims' charity, the 76-year-old Hollywood icon told the audience that her tragic mother Frances was sexually abused from the age of eight, an experience that Jane believes led to her promiscuous and self-destructive behavior.

'The minute that I read that, everything fell into place,' she said. 'I knew [the reason for] the promiscuity, the endless plastic surgery, the guilt, the inability to love or be intimate, and I was able to forgive her and forgive myself.'

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Heartbreaking revelation: Jane Fonda has opened up about reading the medical records of her mother Frances and discovering that she had nine abortions before Jane was even born

Heartbreaking revelation: Jane Fonda has opened up about reading the medical records of her mother Frances and discovering that she had nine abortions before Jane was even born

Frances, who was 29 when she gave birth to Jane, killed herself on her 42nd birthday, which friends say was the single most formative event in Jane's multi-faceted life.

Jane told audience members that she suspects her mother was sexually abused by a piano tuner as a young girl, which left her traumatized for the rest of her life.

Shortly after Jane's younger brother Peter was born, Frances was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Discovering that her husband was cheating on her with other women, Frances went to desperate lengths to regain his attention. She would walk around naked in front of him and even crawl on her hands and knees to him, begging him to talk to her. It didn't work.

In 1950, on her 42nd birthday Frances committed suicide by slicing her throat with a razor during a stay at Craig House, a sanitarium in Beacon, New York. Jane was 12. 

Tragic: Frances killed herself on her 42nd birthday, when Jane was 12. Jane believes her suicide was linked the the fact that she was sexually abused from the age of eight

Tragic: Frances killed herself on her 42nd birthday, when Jane was 12. Jane believes her suicide was linked the the fact that she was sexually abused from the age of eight

Tempestuous: Jane's father Henry (left) was cold and a bully, not to mention a shameless womanizer, but Jane always blamed the alarming behavior of her mother for the break-up of her parents' marriage - until she learned of Frances' abuse

Tempestuous: Jane's father Henry (left) was cold and a bully, not to mention a shameless womanizer, but Jane always blamed the alarming behavior of her mother for the break-up of her parents' marriage - until she learned of Frances' abuse

Jane's father Henry was cold and a bully, not to mention a shameless womanizer, but - too young to understand mental illness - his daughter always blamed the alarming behavior of her manic depressive mother for the break-up of her parents' marriage - until she learned of Frances' abuse.

The fitness queen, who is a longtime pro-choice activist, believes she has been drawn to helping sexually abused girls because she somehow knew what had befallen her mother.

She said at the event that sexual violence is 'epidemic', vowing: 'I will support the Rape Treatment Center for the rest of my life.'

Jane has written on her blog that she forgave her mother for their fractious relationship after discovering she was sexually abused, realizing that her behavior was not her fault.

'Twenty years later she could have found the help she needed in the specific form of therapy that arose out of The Women’s Liberation Movement in the 1970s,' she wrote last October.

'I sometimes cry when I think of how my mother could have been saved.'  

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Jane Fonda interview with Barbara Walters {FULL}

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Jane Fonda al David Letterman

My Life So Far with Jane Fonda



I worked on a very interestng Project!  It was Jane Fonda's 1st workout Video for BLOCKBUSTER! What an Exciting Time!  She's still Wonderful Today!

(Ann Dandridge, Creator of POWERFUL PEOPLE and FRIENDS)

this was the cover of the award journal

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Jane Fonda & Mary Williams * The Lost Daughter

Click here  http://www.amazon.com/The-Lost-Daughter-A-Memoir/dp/0399160868

Mary Williams Jane Fonda (adopted daughter)

Mary Williams on Being Invited to Live with Jane Fonda - Oprah's Next Chapter - OWN

Why Mary Williams Says Ted Turner Is a "True Father" - Oprah's Next Chapter - Oprah Winfrey Network


Jane Fonda

Jane FondaAKA Jane Seymour Fonda

Born: 21-Dec-1937
Birthplace: New York City

Gender: Female
Religion: Born-Again Christian
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Actor, Activist
Party Affiliation: Democratic

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Barbarella

Jane Fonda was 12 years old when her mother checked into an asylum and killed herself there, slashing her own throat. Her father, actor Henry Fonda, quickly remarried, and a woman who was only 10 years older than Jane became her stepmother. Yet by all accounts this stepmother, Susan Blanchard, grew marvelously into her motherly role, and within a few years the Fonda children were calling her "Mom-2". Their father divorced Blanchard when Jane was in her late teens.

At 17, Jane and her father co-starred in The Country Girl, a play staged for charity in Omaha. Though showing little interest beforehand, after the performance she decided upon acting as a career. Her father paid for her lessons, under the tutelage of Lee Strasberg. After several stage appearances she made her Broadway debut in 1960 in There Was a Little Girl, with Gary Lockwood and Joey Heatherton. She was the leading lady in her first film, Tall Story, a romantic comedy co-starring Anthony Perkins.

After Ann-Margret turned down the role, Fonda was offered the lead in Cat Ballou, a comedic western that was one of 1965's biggest hits. For several years, she was a top star in light comedies including Barefoot in the Park with Robert Redford, and the sexy sci-fi schlock classic Barbarella for husband Roger Vadim. While she was married to Vadim, Fonda says he often sought other women, and brought them home for three-ways with Fonda. She participated, she says, because Vadim played on her insecurities, making her feel "less than perfect."

She won her first Oscar for Klute in 1971, and her father was quoted as saying, "How in hell would you like to have been in this business as long as I and have one of your kids win an Oscar before you do?"

She was a star before she was political, but after meeting numerous Vietnam veterans who had changed their minds about the war, Fonda began wondering why American soldiers were killing and dying in a tiny country's civil war half a world away. She became an anti-war activist, then worked for almost any leftist cause, including desegregation, women's rights, and environmental issues, until eventually she was known as much for her political stands as for her films. She visited Alcatraz during its siege by Native Americans in 1969, and thought Rev. Jim Jones was doing good work. She supported Huey Newton's campaign for Congress, and said the Black Panthers were "our revolutionary vanguard. We must support them with love, money, propaganda and risk". During the Vietnam war, Fonda toured America with her Klute co-star and real-life lover Donald Sutherland, staging a "guerilla theater" piece called FTA (for "Fuck the Army" or, when speaking with mainstream reporters, "Free the Army"). "If you understood what communism was", she said, "you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would someday become communist".

She took a two-week tour of Vietnam, but not like stars usually do during wars, visiting American troops to bolster their morale. Instead Fonda stayed with natives, visited the enemy's capital city, and famously posed for several photos at an inactive Vietnamese anti-aircraft battery, as if she were shooting at incoming American planes. She met with eight pre-screened Americans who were being held as prisoners of war, and with cameras clicking and their guards watching, the prisoners unsurprisingly said they were being treated very well. When Fonda returned to America, she rather naïvely announced that the Vietnamese were treating all their American prisoners humanely. Years later, several of those American prisoners said they had been forced by their captors to meet with Fonda, for the propaganda value.

A few Americans who were held prisoner by the North Vietnamese have said they were tortured when they refused to meet her; Fonda has referred to this as "myth making about my being responsible for POW torture." Beginning in the late 1990s, two letters have been widely publicized on the internet, painting Fonda's actions in an even more harsh light. Purportedly written by a Vietnam veteran, one letter claims that Fonda was furtively handed notes by prisoners to be delivered to their families in America, but that she instead turned these notes over to their captors, leading to beatings for the prisoners who wrote the notes. Another letter claims that the author, an imprisoned Air Force pilot, spat on Fonda during her visit, and that he was subsequently tortured as punishment. The claimed authors of these letters, Larry Carrigan and Jerry Driscoll, are both actual Vietnam veterans — but each of them has repeatedly denied both writing the letters and the incidents the letters describe.

For her politics and for her ill-intentioned trip to Vietnam, Fonda was and still is despised by many, but what actually happened has sometimes been wildly exaggerated. Decades after the Vietnam war, many Americans still abhor Jane Fonda as a traitor -- "Hanoi Jane". Fonda has never apologized for her opposition to the Vietnam war, and has stated she never will. She still asks why the US killed millions of Vietnamese people, and what more than 50,000 American soldiers died for. She has, however, apologized for those famous photos. "I will go to my grave", Fonda has said, "regretting the photograph of me in an anti-aircraft gun, which looks like I was trying to shoot at American planes. It hurt so many soldiers. It galvanized such hostility. It was the most horrible thing I could possibly have done. It was just thoughtless."

Her politics hurt her career, but not for long. In the late 1970s she played Lillian Hellman in Julia, won a second Oscar for the Vietnam war-themed Coming Home, and her political yet entertaining statement against nuclear power The China Syndrome became a huge hit when Three Mile Island had its little accident mere days after the movie opened. In 1980, Fonda bought the rights to On Golden Pond, hoping her father would play the lead, and she would play his daughter. When he won his Oscar for that role, he was not healthy enough to attend, but his daughter accepted the statuette on his behalf. The elder Fonda said it was "the happiest night of my life."

Fonda had continued success as an actress through the 1980s, and made a series of wildly popular exercise videos in the late 1980s. Her father's last wife, Shirley, appeared in two of Fonda's Workout videos. Fonda now says she no longer exercises. In the early 1990s, she married cable mogul Ted Turner and retired from show business. For years, she said she would never return to acting, but after divorcing Turner she appeared in a New York production of The Vagina Monologues, and returned to film with Monster-In-Law starring Jennifer Lopez and Wanda Sykes.

She now describes herself as a born-again Christian, and continues speaking her mind on political issues. She has criticized America's occupation of Iraq, marched in Mexico with activists demanding an investigation of the murders of hundreds of women there, and been involved with a campaign to protect Kenyan girls from genital mutilation.

Father: Henry Fonda (actor)
Mother: Frances Ford Seymour (socialite, m. 1936, d. 14-Apr-1950, suicide)
Brother: Peter Fonda (actor)
Sister: Frances de Villers "Pan" Brokaw (b. 1928, stepsister from mother's first marriage)
Mother: Susan Blanchard (actress, stepmother)
Mother: Afdera Franchetti (Italian countess, stepmother)
Mother: Shirley Adams (stewardess, stepmother)
Boyfriend: Alexander Whitelaw (film director, dated in early 1960s)
Husband: Roger Vadim (m. 14-Aug-1965, div. 16-Jan-1973)
Daughter: Vanessa Vadim (needle-exchange activist, b. 1968, with Vadim)
Daughter: Natalie Vadim (stepdaughter from Vadim's previous marriage)
Boyfriend: Donald Sutherland (actor, dated 1970s)
Husband: Tom Hayden (activist-politician, m. 1973, div. 1989)
Son: Troy Garity (actor, b. 7-Jul-1973, with Tom Hayden)
Daughter: Mary Williams (activist, "LuLu", adopted 1970s, founder of Lost Boys Foundation)
Boyfriend: Barry Matalon (hairdresser, dated in 1990)
Husband: Ted Turner (dated 1990-91, m. 21-Dec-1991, div. 22-May-2001)
Boyfriend: Robert Scheer (columnist, reportedly dated)
Boyfriend: Lorenzo Caccialanza (Italian soccer player, actor)

Continued here  http://www.nndb.com/people/637/000022571/

Jane Fonda Reveals Her Beau Richard Perry's Battle With Parkinson's

PHOTO: Jane Fonda, left, and Richard Perry, right, are pictured on March 29, 2014 in Los Angeles.

Jane Fonda's boyfriend, music producer Richard Perry, told her that he had Parkinson's Disease more than four years ago.

Now, she's making his battle public.

Jane Fonda 'Wonderfully, Terribly Aware' of How Little Time She Has...

"We decided I should do it because his symptoms are increasing and I felt it was better that people know why he sometimes sways or staggers or stutters rather than them thinking he was drunk (which has happened) or just out of it," she explained on her blog. "That's another common symptom of this disease–loss of affect. The brain chemical transmitter dopamine is reduced in Parkinson's patients... [and] when dopamine levels are reduced, muscle slackness can cause a person to look blank, uninterested, when, in fact, that isn't the case."

Fonda, 76, wrote that Perry first told her about the disease on their first date -- though she didn't think too much about it at the time. However, after their relationship grew more serious, so did she about his health.

"I said, 'Richard, if you don't take your disease seriously and become an expert in it so you know exactly what your options are, I'm not hanging around,'" she wrote. "And he did–become an expert. He has a top notch motor-disorder neurologist, he works out every day, does yoga, he takes his meds (well, I do have to remind him sometimes because, when his symptoms were getting worse, I went with him to see the doctor and learned that the timing of the meds is critical). Who knew."

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin Team Up for Netflix Series

"Seems I have to become an expert as well," she continued. "After all, the disease has a long arc–20 or more years, and it's not directly life threatening–so they refer to 'living with Parkinson's.'"

Since becoming a couple, Fonda added that the two have taken care of each other frequently, as she has had "numerous surgeries" for various ailments. She also said that caring for Perry, whom she said has begun stuttering and swaying as a result of the disease, has taught her quite a bit about empathy and kindness.

"Richard and I are both grateful that more and more people are talking about their Parkinson's Disease, most especially and importantly, Michael J. Fox," she wrote. "So, with this blog, we're publicly joining the discourse."

Click here  http://abcnews.go.com/Health/jane-fonda-reveals-beau-richard-perrys...

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